Got good miles in today

Long day today. Did eighteen miles today. Late evening. Check in tomorrow for today’s hike details. It is hiker midnight and I need to get to bed

July 11, 2015

We were so blessed to be inside last night. It rained and stormed all night. Those we saw the next day were soaked. Here is Klank, a hiker I meet way back around the NOC. He was drying all his gear on the dedicated AT bridge over I-90 in Massachusetts. What a great idea. Other hikers did the same. 
Massachusetts should be renamed and called Massa”roots“ettes. This state has almost as many roots as Pennsylvania does rocks. There was also tons of mud. Dirty, slippery, slimy smelly mud. There was black mud, brown mud, red mud and watery mud. And with all that mud came mosquitoes, hungry, swarming, biting little demons. Thank goodness 

By day’s end we were tire and worn out. We hiked to the cookie ladies house which was only 100 yards east of the trail. We tented in her yard. I asked Mr. Cookie Man what the charge would be and he said no charge but would appreciate it if we could mow some grass. See number five in picture. 

It was too late to mow but this morning I tried to start one of the three mowers without success. 

There were sodas and ice cream treats and fresh raspberries for sale. We all enjoyed a little bit of everything. 

 Happy Hiking

Emily M. Leonard

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