Staying in hiker heaven tonight

Oh how 24 hours can make all the difference in the world. We are staying in hiker heaven tonight. A huge shout out to Fruit Smoothie, Pumpkin Butt and their parents, Jennifer and Mark for opening up their home to us for the night. If you have been following me for awhile you will know that I hiked a long time with Fruit Smoothie and Pumpkin. Fruity had to get off trail due to severe foot issues and Pumpkin has put the hammer down and is the in Maine now. 

Yesterday I knew I was getting close to her home in Massachusetts and asked if she had room for three for the night. Batman was supposed to join us but he is out doing what he does best, helping others. He picked Wye Knot and myself up at the trail, took us to resupply then to a nearby outlet. Wye Knot wanted new shirts that didn’t reek of hiker smell. Off he dropped us at Frutiy’s house and away he flew to help Ryan, Camera Man who is following GQ and Walking Man. He will meet back up with us here in the morning. I hope he gets some rest. He is doing all this after arriving into Boston this morning from a red-eye flight from Calgary. He is awesome. Go Batman. 

Just under 17 miles planned for tomorrow. It is raining right now. Hope it clears up. It takese about 10 hours to do those kind of miles. I guess-timate 2 mph then add an hour for breaks ever 4 hours. 

Until then happy hiking. 

Emily M. Leonard

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I am a 50 year old Maine native and lover of the outdoors. Former Physical Education teacher and soccer coach. I am Married to the best husband ever and gave up teaching and coaching to raise our two wonderful sons. I have always enjoyed being outside and on the go.