Giving back leads to happy hiking

Good Time Gramps, Starfish, and River      Last week I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get my weekly hike in, making my last post more about reflection and less about a hike. With the weekend closing in and my work schedule I was giving up hopes of hitting a […]

The Trail keeps giving

     It’s been nine days since my last hike and I only have today and the weekend to get one in for this week. It’s not looking hopeful since I have to work two of those days. But I am sure I will squeeze a stroll in some where.       Even though my […]

Driven crazy by deer flies

     What a wonderful change in weather. The wind and rough waters are back but it is sunny and no humidity. I love the sun and heat but when the humidity is so high you can’t breather it’s hard to be a happy hiker.       Today is hubby’s first day of vacation. We […]

Made it Back to Fields Pond

     It was a fabulously hot day this morning for our hike. When I arrived at my friend Sharon’s house in Bangor the temperature was already 80 degrees and it was only 9:15am. I was sweating before I walked across the driveway to her house.      We headed to Fields Pond in Orrington […]

A rain delay isn’t always a bad thing

Fields Pond Audubon Center became our hiking destination for this week after assessing the weather for Baxter. Stacey and I were going to head back up to the wilderness for a leisurely hike in and around Daicey Pond in Baxter State Park. But Wednesday night we altered our plans after a glimpse at our weather […]

Making the best of a situation

Yesterday I had a “thing” removed from my toe. It started out as an ordinary blister in the early days while I was hiking the A.T. last summer. It took over 1,000 miles to heal. But it never really healed correctly. At one point during its evolution, it looked like a crater. It had a […]